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Vesticam2 Infrared Video Goggles - BINOCULAR

Vesticam2 Infrared Video Goggles - BINOCULAR

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Vesticam2 Infrared Video Goggles - Binocular (with two IR USB cameras units to enable binocular viewing ). 


  • Two Infra-red camera units with fixation lights
  • Comfortable, fully adjustable and flexible goggles mounting plate with quick release side buckles
  • Removable and reusable silicone eye cups (+ spare set of eye cups)
  • Removable eye patch cylinder
  • Custom dual extension lead 2m and single 2m extension lead
  • USB adapters for connection to PC/Laptop/Mac
  • Secure, zippered custom carry case [29x20x9cm] with extra internal storage section
  • Full 2 year warranty on all components
  • Vesticam2 OBS Studio Setup Manual (PDF)
  • Online IT support for set up and training of software (45 mins)

SKU: V2C2C22021

NOTE: This package does not include android recording device.  Binocular viewing requires a laptop/Mac.  
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